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The Atcachunas Law Firm has the skill and determination to help you through difficult situations and will strive to obtain the best possible results. The firm serves clients throughout the state of Florida in all types of state and federal criminal defense matters.

criminal cases we handle

Assault & Battery

Assault and battery are often grouped together and used interchangeably to describe a physical attack. Learn More

Burglary & Trespass

In Florida, burglary occurs where a person enters or remains in a dwelling, a structure, or a conveyance with the… Learn More


Robbery is a violent theft crime.This offense involves the use of force, threats or violence in order to commit theft. Learn More

Sex Offenses

Being accused of any type of sex crime in Florida could ruin every aspect of your life. Learn More

Weapon Offenses

Florida is a state that’s known for being tough on crime, and that’s especially true when it comes to weapons… Learn More

Drug Offenses

More drug crimes are committed in Florida than any other criminal offense. Drug crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies… Learn More

DUI & Traffic Offenses

A DUI is a serious offense that can result in various consequences depending on the circumstances of your… Learn More

Theft & Fraud

Theft is a type of criminal offense that occurs when a person takes another person’s property without… Learn More


Homicide is the criminal act of killing another person. Of all crimes, homicide is regarded as one of the most severe… Learn More

Public Order Offenses

Public order crimes are actions that do not conform to society’s general ideas of normal social behavior and moral values. Learn More

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is an intricate part of the law and an unfortunate circumstance for those who are affected by it. Learn More

Federal Offenses

There are two ways in which you can be charged with a federal offense. First, the more common charges stem from… Learn More

Probation Violations

Probation violations have very serious consequences in Florida. If you are convicted of a probation violation… Learn More

Expungements & Sealings

Have you made a mistake in the past? Is that mistake affecting your job prospects? Is that mistake embarrassing to you… Learn More

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